just a few pictures from Nocturnal Wonderland! 

last year was fun, but this year was just UUUUUUHMAZING! I LOVED IT! A few favorite performances were AWOLNATION, seriously, they tore it up. Tiesto is always good and of course he’s the flashier of the DJ’s so he had fireworks and everything. MY NUMBER ONE FOR FRIDAY NIGHT WAS DEFINITELY SEBASTIAN INGROSSO! SO GOOD!

AAAAAND SATURDAY! We went into it going all out! Orange Juice, Chapstick…if you haven’t gotten where I’m going with it at this point that’s okay, but that’s all I’m saying :) We started the night with Lotus, but, mm…that was kind of a let down. Mayra loved Dillon Francis, but he’s too tribal for me! Morgan Page upset me! IDK…it just wasn’t happening. Steve Aoki and Calvin Harris were BOMB. UUUHFUCKINGMAZING. So much sweat. Towards the end we had to pick between NERO and Cosmic Gate…NERO is good for a while, but in concert, idk…TOO harsh…so we went to Cosmic Gate and they are Fridays FAVORITE!! Emma Hewitt made an appearance! AND HER VOICE!! OMG!! I cried a little /: Her voice is amazing and live…aaaaaaaagh. 

I’m not sure if this next part is going to make sense, but I’ll give it a shot. I feel like there’s a difference between liking music/songs and then songs that make you happy. Does that make sense? Cosmic Gate…it’s weird, but the happiest I’ve felt! So good. 


  1. don’t fuck with a girl in a tutu
  2. do drugs responsibly! HYDRATE PEOPLE!
  3. when you’re wearing a shirt that says ‘no’ it attracts quite a few people
  4. tweedle dee/dum costumes were a success :D people loved!
  5. i have no phone -__________-


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